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Theism is a deep-seated conviction that there’s some hand to hold : if we just do the right things, someone will appreciate us and take care of us. It means thinking there’s always going to be a babysitter available when we need one. We are all inclined to abdicate our responsibilities and delegate our authority to something outside ourselves.
Non-theism is relaxing with the ambiguity and uncertainty of the present moment without reaching for anything to protect ourselves. We sometimes think that Dharma is something outside of ourselves – something to believe in, something to measure up to. However, Dharma isn’t a belief; it isn’t dogma. It is total appreciation of impermanence and change. The teachings disintegrate when we try to grasp them. We have to experience them without hope. Many brave and compassionate people have experienced them and taught them. The message is fearless; Dharma was never meant to be a belief that we all blindly follow. Dharma gives us nothing to hold onto at all.
Nontheism is finally realizing there is no babysitter you can count on.

– Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart (via pantheist420)

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Helmet Betty Tour


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Delicate - Me

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a creative episode happened!

must be the trippy ass month I’ve been having, that and the ‘Friday night that we will never speak of’ lol

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beautiful album, check it out.

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I would love to be around someone who’s words about my decisions aren’t tainted by their own agenda.